Bee Roots for 2022-09-24

The table provides clues for the roots of words in today's NY Times Spelling Bee. You're responsible for prefixes, suffixes, tense changes, plurals, doubling consonants before suffixes, and alternate spellings of roots. An exception: since Sam won't allow S, when the root contains an S, the clue may be for a plural or suffixed form. "Mice" for example. If a clue isn't self-explanatory, try googling it. The TL;DR about the site comes after the table.

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Today's puzzle
  • Letters: T/FIONRU
  • Words: 58
  • Points: 204
  • Pangrams: 1

Table content

  • with first two letters of answer and length
root #answers coveredanswer's first two lettersanswer's lengthclue for root (answer may need prefix, suffix, tense change, alt spelling, ...)
11FI6“Done” in Italian
31FO4Type face; in some churches, it holds water for baptism
41FO4What you cover with a sock
51FO4Military post (Lee or Dix in NJ, e.g.)
61FO5(Literary) source (of knowledge or water, e.g.)
71FR5Opposite of back; edge of a weather system
81FR5Apples, peaches, pears, oranges, mangos, grapes, etc
91FR8Point at which a plan is realized
101FU5Japanese mattress, or sofa that can be unfolded into a bed
111IN4Enter (go … the room), preposition
121IN5Announce upcoming thing (next guest), or prelude (beginner’s course, book preface), slang abbr.
131IN6TurboTax company, or know by feeling rather than evidence
131IN9TurboTax company, or know by feeling rather than evidence
141NI5Slang abbr. for chem. used as explosive & heart med.
151NO6Vague idea, or small sewing accessory
161NU9food, nourishment
171ON4Preposition when mounting an animal or boarding a large vehicle
191OU5Closing show music (antonym begins with IN–)
181OU6Set of clothes, or to provide with one, compound (compound)
201OU6Sprint more quickly or farther in a footrace than someone else (compound)
211RI4Crack in the earth, or breach in relations (Oculus … VR)
221RI4Civil unrest, noun; or to rampage, verb
231RO4Plant anchor that sucks up water
241RO4Indian flatbread that isn’t naan
271RO4Disorderly retreat, or decisive defeat
261RO5Device or blade that spins
251RO6Spiral pasta, fusilli
291RU4Smallest of the litter
281RU6Slight error in rotating tool, compound
301TI4Petty quarrel, or computer image format
311TI4Shade of color, noun; or darken car windows, verb
321TO4Bean curd
331TO4Animated film or character, slang abbr. (car-…)
341TO4Short horn sound; noun/verb
361TO4Ripped, adj. or past participle
371TO4Bull, Spanish
381TO4Legal wrong, NOT pastry
401TO4Donut shape
411TO4Take a guided one of these in a foreign city (on a … bus?) adj/noun/verb
421TO4Promote, or offer horse racing tips
351TO5Shinto shrine gate, NOT double plural of donut shapes
391TO7Italian ice cream with rum, almonds, & cherries
431TR4Musical group of 3 (Kingston …)
451TR4Fast walking pace for horses or people
461TR5Common game fish (rainbow …, e.g.)
441TR6Son of Poseidon, largest Neptune moon; mollusk with a tall spiral shell
471TU4Clump of hair that sticks up
491TU4Grass and the surface layer of earth held together by its roots
501TU4Change direction , verb (use your … signal when driving!)
551TU4Ballet skirt, or S Afr Bishop Desmond
531TU5Private instructor
541TU5All together, musically (Italian); Little Richard “Wop bop a loo bop” song
481TU7College fee
511TU7Junction at which a road branches off from a main road (compound); someone or something repellent (slang)
521TU7Number of people who show up at an event (we had a great … last night for our poetry reading), compound
561UN4Something whole on its own but part of larger thing (apartment, Army squad, e.g.)
571UN4Archaic preposition (Handel’s Messiah “For … us a child is born”)
21UN5Of suitable quality (all the news that's … to print), adj.; be of the right shape and size, verb/noun

About this site

This site provides clues for a day's New York Times Spelling Bee puzzle. It exists to make it easier for Kevin Davis to take a day off. Most of the clues come from him. There may be some startup problems, but long term I think I can put the clues together with no more than half an hour's work.

The "Bee Roots" approach is to provide explicit clues for root words, not every word. This is similar to what Kevin Davis does, but without information about parts of speech As logophiles, we are pretty good at putting on prefixes and suffixes, changing tense, and forming plurals (including Latin plurals!). The clues cover root words, arranged alphabetically by root word, with a count of words in the puzzle that come from each root. For example, if a puzzle includes ROAM and ROAMING, there will be a clue for ROAM and a count of 2. The root may not appear in the puzzle at all; for example, the 2021-07-23 Bee included ICED, DEICE, and DEICED. For such a puzzle, the clue would be for ICE with a word count of 3.

The Bee Roots approach involves judgement sometimes. For example, if a puzzle includes LOVE, LOVED, and LOVELY, how many roots are needed to cover them? LOVE and LOVED share the root LOVE, certainly, but LOVELY is tricky. LOVE is part of its etymology, but by now, the word means "exquisitely beautiful," which is a lot farther from the meaning of LOVE than swithcing to past tense. I'm inclined to treat LOVE and LOVELY as separate roots. You may not agree, which is fine. Another thing we logophiles share is a LOVE of arguing about words on Twitter.

One last complication, until another one pops up: a few roots have multiple spellings, for example LOLLYGAG and LALLYGAG. Depending on the day's letters, and maybe even the editor's whims, one or both could be in the puzzle's answer list. With such roots, you could see a word count of 2, even if there are no applicable prefixes or suffixes.

I will do my best to keep this site up to date and helpful (I hope). Check it out, and tweet feedback to @donswartwout Tweet to @donswartwout

Many thanks to Kevin Davis, whose 4,500-word clue list made this possible.